Anti-Aging Treatment

The Anti-Aging Treatment is entirely dedicated to the beauty and health of the skin. Specifically formulated to give a smooth, firm and supple skin to men & women, the anti-aging skincare focus their action on cutaneous aging signs. Thus, the Hyaluronic Acid properties and a marin active selected for its anti-aging effect, the skin is nourished, softened, energized and reveals its glow natural complexion.

Whitening Treatment

Brown spots appearance, uneven skin tone and some hyperpigmentation problems are directly due to sun exposure and get worse with age. In order to fight against this phenomenon and lighten the skin complexion, AQ Cosmetics developed the Whitening Treatment whose actives have been specially selected to clarify and restore skin's glow. In a moment of well-being, imperfections fade away to reveal a fresh and radiant complexion.

Moisturizing Treatment

Dehydration* is the main factor of cutaneous aging, skin loss of elasticity and comfort. In order to fight against this phenomenon and bring to the epidermis all the benefits of a controled moisturization*, AQ Cosmetics developed a specific line with a targeted efficiency. Entirely dedicated to skin respect and well-being, the Moisturizing* Treatment nourishes and protects from external aggressions, while offering regenerating and restructuring properties to bring back to the skin its natural suppleness, softness and beauty.

Rejuvenating Treatment 

Stress, tiredness and external aggressions… are among the main factors to dull complexion. Thanks to formulations selected with care and actives with targeted efficiency, the Rejuvenating Treatment provides softening, toning and protective properties to the skin in order to smooth over signs of tiredness, enhance the skin natural glow and give it back comfort and tonicity for a brilliant complexion.

Cellular Renewal Treatment

Dedicated to skin restructuration and tone perfecting, this treatment favours cell renewal and the epidermis upper layers renewal for a glowing complexion. The Epidermal Growth Factor Essence (EGF) plays an important role in the cell renewal. It has a remarkable effectiveness to improve skin appearance and correcting the Skin Aging Process. By inhibiting the process of aging, the cellular activitors re-launch elastin and collagen production. As a result, the EGF Essence provides a new skin thickness, elasticity and a glowing complexion.

Oily & Problems Skin Treatment

In order to fight against oily skins daily problems (imperfections, sebum excess, shine, dull complexion…), AQ Cosmetics introduces an Oily & Problems Skin Treatment, specially formulated to bring freshness and well-being to unbalance epidermises. Its marine and vegetable actives help to normalize the sebum production, purify the epidermis, reduce imperfections and refine skin texture for a glowing and purified complexion.